April 26th, 2006



Freeman Dyson's bet
The first discovery of extraterrestrial life will be someplace other than on a planet or on a satellite of a planet

Профессор Фриман Дайсон: искать внеземную жизнь лучше не на планетах

Dyson's argument:
If extraterrestrial life exists, it might have adapted to living in vacuum and spread widely over cold regions far from the sun. If so, it must grow optical concentrators, lenses or mirrors, to focus sunlight and keep itself warm. The concentrators will reflect sunlight in a narrow beam back toward the sun. If we point our telescopes directly away from the sun, we might see life as bright reflecting points, like the eyes of animals caught in headlights.

Freeman Dyson Offers Up New Extraterrestrial Search Ideas (2002)