May 10th, 2006



The tiny robot.. fooling the real insects into accepting it as one of their own


The researchers behind the robot believe it could be used to catch cockroaches and that bots designed to mimic other animals could one day work on farms controlling flocks of sheep and chickens by similar means.
Cockroaches and other insects such as ants display "collective intelligence". This means that complex group behaviour emerges from simple individual action and interaction. Researchers from France, Belgium and Switzerland set out to create a robot capable of controlling a group of cockroaches by exploiting this emergent behaviour.

several Insbots travelling around a maze and interacting with cockroaches: Video

Тараканище InsBot: шпион-провокатор в мире насекомых

Leurre Project: to study, experimentally and theoretically, the global behaviours of mixed-societies composed of animals and artificial agents

Research papers
InsBot - behavioral Model

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Минобороны Британии раскрыло секретный доклад об НЛО

"Не существует свидетельств, позволяющих говорить о том, что феномен (НЛО) носит враждебный характер или находится под каким бы то ни было контролем, кроме сил естественного происхождения".

Nature: UFO mind-melting in government report

A helpful MoD spokesman tells me that he cannot confirm or deny who wrote the report, or how it was prepared, because he doesn't know. "There's not even an official I can call up to find this out," he sighs. "We don't have any UFO experts, frankly." He points out that unidentified flying objects (although they prefer the term 'unidentified aerial phenomena') do of course exist, since people see plenty of things in the sky that they can't identify. "But they become an FO pretty quickly," he says.

...To be fair, the report is quite clear that it is not meant to be a rigorous study of the science behind UFO experiences; just an assessment of military risk.
"The MoD does not have any expertise or role in respect of 'UFO/flying saucer' matters, or to the question of ... extraterrestrial life forms, about which it remains totally open-minded."