May 26th, 2006


Global warming

Al Gore's slideshow about the horrors of climate change hits the big screen

...when Gore unveils a chart of the 10 hottest years on record—all of which take place within the last 14 years, 2005 being the hottest—itís not a punchline to laugh at. A look at another slide that indicates today's carbon dioxide concentrations, which are climbing exponentially above any time in the last 4,000 years, will have few people chuckling. With reduced soil moisture and more arid lands, elevated levels of insect-borne diseases, exploding populations and rising sea levels that could produce millions of environmental refugees, the situation really is scary.

An Inconvenient Truth


The Hidden Genetic Program of Complex Organisms Scientific American, Oct. 2004

Assumptions can be dangerous, especially in science. They usually start as the most plausible or comfortable interpretation of the available facts. But when their truth cannot be immediately tested and their flaws are not obvious, assumptions often graduate to articles of faith, and new observations are forced to fit them. Eventually, if the volume of troublesome information becomes unsustainable, the orthodoxy must collapse.
...The prevailing assumption, embodied in the credo "one gene, one protein," has been that genes are generally synonymous with proteins. A corollary has been that proteins, in addition to their structural and enzymatic roles in cells, must be the primary agents for regulating the expression, or activation, of genes.
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The Unseen Genome: Gems among the Junk Scientific American, Nov. 2003

This year biologists celebrated the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the double helix, and the Human Genome Project announced its completion of a "final draft" of the DNA sequence for Homo sapiens. Scientists have clearly mastered DNA in the lab. Yet as they compare the DNA of distantly related species and look more closely at how chromosomes function in living cells, they are increasingly noticing effects that current theories cannot explain.
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