June 1st, 2006


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The semantic web is coming...

Web gurus and geeks descended on Edinburgh, UK, this week for 15-th International World Wide Web Conference . Chairing the panel 'The Next Wave of the Web' was Nigel Shadbolt, an artificial intelligence researcher at the University of Southampton, UK, and deputy president of the British Computer Society.
Nature asks him about the Web's progress

Semantic Web

An interview with Tim Berners-Lee (MIT), June 2005

What Is Web 2.0 by Tim O'Reilly
Что такое Веб 2.0. I - II - III - IV

TechCrunch Michael Arrington's Web 2.0 Blog

Biology-Inspired techniques for Self-Organization in dynamic Networks
BISON Project: publications

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Essay from PLoS Medicine, June 2006

The Limits of Reductionism in Medicine: Could Systems Biology Offer an Alternative?
In the first of a two part series, Ahn and colleagues discuss the reductionist approach pervading medicine and explain how a systems approach (as advocated by systems biology) may complement reductionism.

The Clinical Applications of a Systems Approach
In the second of a two part series, Ahn and colleagues provide a practical discussion of how a systems approach will affect clinical medicine, using diabetes as an example.