June 17th, 2006



О принципах организации живого, теоретических подходах и моделях...

Leland H. Hartwell, еще не зная, что станет нобелевским лауреатом , предлагал рассматривать живую клетку как систему стабильных модулей в противовес чисто молекулярному подходу.

Nature, December 1999
From molecular to modular cell biology
Cellular functions, such as signal transmission, are carried out by ‘modules’
made up of many species of interacting molecules. Understanding how
modules work has depended on combining phenomenological analysis with
molecular studies. General principles that govern the structure and
behaviour of modules may be discovered with help from synthetic sciences
such as engineering and computer science, from stronger interactions
between experiment and theory in cell biology, and from an appreciation of
evolutionary constraints.

Science, October 2002
Network Motifs: Simple Building Blocks of Complex Networks
Complex networks are studied across many fields of science. To uncover their structural design principles, we defined "network motifs," patterns of interconnections occurring in complex networks at numbers that are significantly higher than those in randomized networks. We found such motifs in networks from biochemistry, neurobiology, ecology, and engineering.

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