June 18th, 2006



Researchers Teach Computers To Perceive Three Dimensions in 2-D Images
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David M. Eagleman, Ph.D. The Laboratory for Perception and Action
The long range goal of our lab is to understand the neural mechanisms of time perception. To that end, we combine psychophysical, behavioral, and computational approaches to address the relationship between the timing of perception and the timing of neural signals.
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Wikipedia: Unsolved problems in neuroscience


Две любопытные статьи от Phylogenomics Research Group

BMC Evolutionary Biology, Jan. 2006
"Eleven ancestral gene families lost in mammals and vertebrates while otherwise universally conserved in animals"

Mammalian and vertebrate genomes lost evolutionary conserved ancestral genes that are probably otherwise not dispensable in eukaryotes. Hence, the human genome, which is generally viewed as being the result of increased complexity and gene-content, has also evolved through simplification and gene losses. This acknowledgement confirms, as already suggested, that the genome of our far ancestor was probably more complex than ever considered.
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Trends in Microbiology, Jan. 2004
"On the conceptual difficulties in rooting the tree of life"

...Here, we highlight the practical difficulties and conceptual reasons that hinder the placement of a universal root. We discuss how, when addressing the question of the root of the tree of life, scientists unconsciously risk using the reasoning pattern of ancient skeptics, unfortunately known only to lead to further uncertainty. Hence, we argue that the root of the tree of life will not be established unless radically new approaches are considered. We propose a hypothetical means to overcome several of the conceptual difficulties pointed out, and suggest that a so-called ‘transition analysis’ of the structural evolution of the cytoplasmic membrane might be helpful, especially if evolutionary steps involving the rooting issue are polarized accounting more for physicochemical knowledge rather than hypothetical and controversial selective advantages.
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