July 16th, 2006



Версия Wired: 6 Trends That Are Changing the World

People Power - Blogs, user reviews, photo-sharing – the peer production era has arrived.

Video Unlimited - Any time, any place, any format, any screen – there’s always something on.

Personalize It - Jeans cut just for your hips, drugs designed just for your genome. The new me decade is a perfect fit.

Carbon Killers - Hug that tree: For some companies, going green is generating serious greenbacks.

Buy It Now - Forget old-school R&D. These companies purchase their ideas one startup at a time.

All-Access Economy - Closed systems are dead. From software to supply chains, open is the new standard.

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Двумордый котенок
Родился в среду, в Grove City (Ohio). Зовут "Тигр". Мяукает и, вроде, начал питаться молоком.


Kitten Born With Two Faces, One Body (NBC)
Перевод (Компьютера)

Двумордые котята рождаются не впервые

Wikipedia: Polycephaly

Update: Котенок пропал!
The family searched their entire home, but the kitten was not found