August 6th, 2006



В 2005 году Max Planck institute for the History of Science организовал выставку , посвященную А. Эйнштейну.

Побывать на ней можно и сейчас, не вставая со стула. Виртуальная экскурсия начинается с входа в здание: 
Albert Einstein exhibition Berlin 2005 
Двигаясь по стрелкам, можно "посетить" все залы экспозиции. В том числе есть возможность выбрать между обычной фотографией и панорамной, что в последнем случае усиливает эффект присутствия. Поверх фотографий даются пояснения.

Отмечу небольшую комнату , где собраны лабораторные инструменты той эпохи. Их фотографии можно загружать по-отдельности и рассматривать максимально подробно (плюс выбирать размер фото).
Вот примерно такими средствами располагали физики начала 20 века.
И как глубоко смогли копнуть!

Альберт Эйнштейн -- глава из книги А.Ф. Иоффе

a website about Einstein's theories of relativity!


Douglas Hofstadter with what we might call an expansive view of human consciousness:

Now, I want to bring up an example that I don't know if I got from reading Dan Dennett's book Consciousness Explained or whether I made it up myself, but it turned out that I was re-reading Dan Dannett's book and I found this example that was exactly like a fantasy that I had, so it sort of put some flesh on the fantasy. So I'm just going to read it to you a little bit. It's about two twins called the Chaplain twins, in Britain. Let's just read a little bit of it. It says:

'In York, England, there are the Chaplain twins, Greta and Freda. These identical twins, now in their 40s and living together in a hostel, seem to act as one. They collaborate on the speaking of single speech acts, for instance, finishing each other's sentences with ease, or speaking in unison, with one just a split second behind. For years they have been inseparable, as inseparable as two twins who are not Siamese twins could arrange. Some who have dealt with them, suggest that the natural and effective tactic that suggested itself was to consider 'them' more of a 'her'. So it was like one individual just simply having two bodies'

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