August 7th, 2006



Joan Roughgarden, professor of biological sciences at Stanford University, продвигает теорию социального (группового) отбора в качестве альтернативы дарвиновской теории полового отбора. В связи с чем попадает под интенсивный перекрестный огонь.

SEED: Researchers object to the theory of sexual selection and replace it with game theory

Science, Feb. 2006
Joan Roughgarden, Meeko Oishi, Erol Akçay, Reproductive Social Behavior: Cooperative Games to Replace Sexual Selection -- Abstract

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Same-sex relationships are not a biological dead end. They are a glue that helps hold many animal societies together, and a fatal flaw in one of Darwin's central ideas, argues evolutionary ecologist Joan Roughgarden. -- New Scientist, 2004

The Myth of Sexual Selection

Book: J. Roughgarden, "Evolution's Rainbow" -- Reviews, Profiles and Articles

Chapter 7 Female Choice: read on-line

David S. Wilson Professor, Departments of Biology and Anthropology, Binghamton University
разрабатывает свою версию теории групового отбора.

Wilson, D. S. (2006). Human groups as adaptive units: toward a permanent concensus. in The Innate Mind: Culture and Cognition. P. Carruthers, S. Laurence and S. Stich. Oxford, Oxford University Press. -- PDF

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