August 9th, 2006



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H. Kitano (2004) Biological Robustness -- Nature Reviews Genetics

Robustness is a property that allows a system to maintain its functions despite external and internal perturbations.
In this article, I argue that robustness is a fundamental feature of evolvable complex systems. Complex biological systems must be robust against environmental and genetic perturbations to be evolvable. Evolution often selects traits that might enhance robustness of the organism. Robustness is, therefore, ubiquitous in living organisms that have evolved. However, systems that are robust face fragility and performance setback as an inherent trade-off. Identification of the basic architecture for a robust system and the associated trade-offs is essential for understanding their faults and countermeasures — diseases and therapies, respectively. -- PDF

Hiroaki Kitano is Director of the ERATO Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project of the Japan Science and Technology Corporation and a Senior Researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.

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H. Kitano (2002) Systems Biology: A Brief Overview -- Science
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