August 11th, 2006



A radical new interpretation of string theory raises the prospect of untold numbers of separate universes with different physical laws--an idea that some physicists say threatens the foundation of their science.
A 'Landscape' Too Far? -- Science, Aug 2006

Like most physicists, Joseph Polchinski never much liked the idea that the existence of life had anything to do with the nature of the universe--until he and a collaborator discovered that string theory itself provides evidence for the so-called anthropic principle.
A Reluctant Convert -- Science, Aug 2006

Joseph Polchinski:
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The Anthropic Landscape of String Theory Leonard Susskind (2003)

Leonard Susskind Interview -- NewScientist (Dec 2005)

...эпоха до Большого взрыва оказала огромное влияние на современный космос
Миф о начале времен -- В мире науки (2004)

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