August 23rd, 2006



Spiders live in societies that employ tactics and team work

Theridion nigroannulatum

The spiders live in nests that house up to several thousand individuals which hunt by hanging threads from low lying leaves. They then hide upside down, beneath the leaves waiting for prey.
When an insect flies into the strands a group of spiders drop down and throw sticky webbing over it. To finish off the ambush they inject venom with their tiny jaws.
The spiders carry their kill back to the nest and share it with all of the others in the community. “It’s truly remarkable,” says Avilés. “Not only do the spiders cooperate during the kill, but if the prey is large they take turns carrying it back.”

Society-focused spiders live and hunt together -- New Scientist, Aug 2006

Этот вид оказался тем более необычным, что до открытия Летции Авилес биологи даже не подозревали о социальных навыках этих созданий, хотя сам вид и был открыт биологом Александром Кейзерлингом (Alexander Keyserling) ещё в 1884 году.