November 11th, 2006



Life and the Art of Networks

By dissecting the properties of networks, we are beginning to determine how network architecture affects the function of its components. As A.-L. Barabási fervently concludes in his popular book Linked (Perseus, 2002):

"These laws, applying equally well to the cell and the ecosystem, demonstrate how unavoidable nature's laws are and how deeply self-organization shapes the world around us."

Science Special Issue (2003)


Attack of the Bots: How one company fought the new Internet mafia - and lost

...Within minutes, the attacker turned his attention to Six Apart itself....At 8 pm, the sites suddenly went dark again, almost as if someone had flipped a switch. Six Apart was dead. The bots had won.

"After learning about bots, you might think, 'I feel hopelessly outgunned and outmatched,'" says Peter Tippett, CTO of security consultancy Cybertrust. "You are."

Wired -- (2006)