November 12th, 2006



Человек обладает врожденной способностью к созданию языка

Всего 25 лет понадобилось детям никарагуанской школы для глухих для того, чтобы создать собственный язык жестов. Причем дети сделали это совершенно самостоятельно без какой-либо помощи со стороны взрослых. -- link

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Senghas, A. Where did Nicaraguan Sign Language come from?

This is compelling evidence that humans are predisposed to develop language in this way, say the researchers -- BBC News

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Noam Chomsky On The Spontaneous Invention Of Language

Q: If we were to take a handful of children and put them alone on an island, would they develop their own language?

Well, there are a couple of cases which indicate that. Of course, we don't experiment on humans, so we don't have an experimental answer. But there are a couple of natural experiments--which have just happened--which seem to indicate that's exactly what occurs. There's one fairly recent case, and then one from years ago. -- Interview (Oct. 2005)

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