December 16th, 2006


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они слышат картины и видят музыку

Marcia Smilack belongs to the group of one to four percent of people worldwide with synesthesia, the neurological mixing of the senses. No two synesthetes have exactly the same perceptual experiences. Many perceive each number, letter of the alphabet, or day of the week as a different color. For others, sounds from the environment are always accompanied by moving geometric patterns in their "mind's eye."


Smilack says her vision of the world is simply an unfiltered version of most people's perceptions, not a blaring cacophony of sensation. "To most people, my experience sounds like it would be too much information, all at once," she said. "But really there's just a harmony of everything. The key word is layers—layers of perception. There's never just one, but they're never all in your face."

Месяцы в году у Smilack, в ее ментальной модели, она видит примерно вот так. На самом деле, близко к моему восприятию - касательно их взаимного расположения и размеров. За исключением цвета. Цветов у моих месяцев нет.

О том, как исследования synesthesia приоткрывают связь работы мозга и искусства.
Synesthesia makes sense of art and art from sense -- SEED, Dec. 2006

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