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Эукариоты и прокариоты: ну и кто кого породил?...

Many researchers think eukaryotes are the descendants of either bacteria or archaea, or some combination of the two. But genetic and protein evidence do not support this view....Instead, the data suggest that eukaryote cells with all their bells and whistles are probably as ancient as bacteria and archaea, and may have even appeared first, with bacteria and archaea appearing later as stripped-down versions of eukaryotes.

Science, May 2006:
Genomics and the Irreducible Nature of Eukaryote Cells

Here, we review recent data from proteomics and genome sequences suggesting that eukaryotes are a unique primordial lineage.

Genomics and proteomics have greatly increased our awareness of the uniqueness of eukaryote cells. This, together with increased understanding of molecular crowding, as well as the dynamic, often reductive nature of genome evolution, offers a new view of the origin of eukaryote cells. The eukaryotic CSSs define a unique cell type that cannot be deconstructed into features inherited directly from archaea and bacteria. Only a small fraction (15%) of -proteobacterial proteins are identified in the yeast and human mitochondrial proteomes; none seem to be direct descendants of archaea, and roughly half seem to be exclusively eukaryotic.

из серии 'блеск и нищета Comparative genomics'...имхо.
Tags: biology, evolution, genetics, origin
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