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searching for general patterns in evolution: evo-devo

Prof. Wallace Arthur , Head of Zoology Department (NUI), editor of Blackwell journal Evolution & Development
считает, что совр. эволюционная теория нуждается в существенной трансформации, которую предлагает дисциплина "биология развития".

Book: Arthur, W. 2004. Biased Embryos and Evolution Cambridge University Press.

Nature, February 2002
Arthur, W. "The emerging conceptual framework of evolutionary developmental biology"

Abstract: Over the last twenty years, there has been rapid growth of a new approach to understanding the evolution of organismic form. This evolutionary developmental biology, or 'evo-devo', is focused on the developmental genetic machinery that lies behind embryological phenotypes, which were all that could be studied in the past. Are there any general concepts emerging from this new approach, and if so, how do they impact on the conceptual structure of traditional evolutionary biology? In providing answers to these questions, this review assesses whether evo-devo is merely filling in some missing details, or whether it will cause a large-scale change in our thinking about the evolutionary process.

Нашел, где ее можно скачать: download pdf

Его свежая 'timeline' статья - Nature Reviews Genetics, May 2006
D'Arcy Thompson and the theory of transformations
Tags: biology, development, evolution, scientists
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